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eisenkolb Pleating Machine EPS 2200

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  • Eisenkolb Pleating Machine
  • Equipped with Brother X-Y feed lockstitch sewing machine
  • Pre-programmed to sew curtain pleats
  • Microflex curtain hook feed system
  • Adjustable, low-power alignment laser
  • Production capacity 250 – 300 single pleats per hour*


Eisenkolb Machines from Emmett Machinery

Eisenkolb electronic pre-programmed lockstitch curtain pleating machines, with Microflex curtain hook feed system

Emmett Machinery are proud to be the sole supplier of Eisenkolb machines in the UK, and we are thrilled to offer our UK customers the Eisenkolb Pleating Machine EPS  2200. Expertly crafted to the art of curtain making, the EPS 2200 Eisenkolb Pleating Machine is the ideal solution to creating stunning, handmade curtains with detailed, effective finishes.

Eisenkolb Pleating Machine Specification:

  • Machine equipped with Brother X-Y feed lockstitch sewing machine, pre-programmed to sew curtain pleats from 8 to 15 cm in width. The machine is also optionally available for pleats from 6 to 20 cm.
  • Special tack program to attach manual- or machine-folded double or triple pleats.
  • Simple selection of the desired sewing program, speed or thread tension via the Nexio touch screen.Â
  • Fully automatic Microflex curtain hook feed system, with automatic hook height selection in 5 mm increments. The feed system is equipped with a 100-hook container.
  • Accurate, easily adjustable low-power alignment laser to monitor even pleat distances.
  • Adjustable pleat depth guide for depths up to 10 cm.
    – Pleat depth between 20-140 mm.
    – Pleat width 65-185 mm.
    – Maximum pleat thickness 16 mm.
  • Production capacity:
    250 – 300 Single pleats per hour*.
  • Technical specifications:
    – Dimensions: 120 x 70 cm
    – Electric: 220 V, 1 phase, 600 W
    – Air: 5 bar, 0.8 L per cycle

* capacity strongly dependent on the operator.


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