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eisenkolb Cutting Machine – AGA-2300-ST

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  • Fully Automatic Cutting Machine For Draperies
  • Includes Slanted Table To Finish Tops
  • Machine Available In 19′, 24′, and 29′ Width

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About eisenkolb Cutting Machine AGA-2300 ST

Fully automatic, vertical, final height cutting machine for draperies. Includes slanted table to finish tops. Machine is equipped with two independent lifting beams. One beam to insert the face fabric and one beam to insert lining. Both beams can be set to cut different heights simultaneously. Optimal cutting results due to vertical cutting operation. Accurate cutting of even stretchy materials is guaranteed.

  • Fully vertical construction minimizes floor space needs.
  • Any desired clearance between lining and face fabric can be set.
  • Automatic table flips out to slanted position after cutting the fabric.
  • Easy to use buckram dispenser to unroll buckram tape and its adhesive.
  • Table surface equipped with brushes to tack 4″ top.
  • Machine available in 19′, 24′, and 29′ width with a height up to 19′.
  • Easy operation by means of a freestanding console equipped with a multilingual dialogue LCD touch screen.


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