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Fan Folder

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  • Automatic Machine
  • Curtain Fan Folder
  • Ironing, Forming & Finishing

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Curtain Fan Folder From eisenkolb

The eisenkolb Curtain Fan Folder is an advanced curtain finishing machine to create beautiful, inflexible and uniform “waving” pleats over the full drop of the curtain. The finishing process enhances the appearance and quality of the curtain and simplifies the time consuming installing by the way the curtain is fan folded and packed.

The, pre-programmed, ironing/shaping cycle is fully automatic but can be interrupted at any moment e.g. to remove local creases. The loading rack can handle up to 36 pleats; a second loading rack makes an overlapping routine possible, thus increasing the machine output.

The installation is delivered as a complete set, including a 9 kw full automatic steam-boiler.

  • Useful machine height; 350 cm (138″)
  • Useful machine width ; 36 pleats.


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